Lipo-6 Black Review – Does it live up to the hype?

What is Lipo 6 Black?

Lipo-6 Black is another fat-burning product offered by Nutrex, a giant in the dietary supplement industry. It is designed specifically for those who are hardcore bodybuilders who found that though Lipo-6 was effective, they were still looking for something more out of a fat burner. This product was designed for those who are looking to step up and expedite their overall weight loss process by giving them more energy, suppressing their appetite, and creating an extreme thermogenic effect. If you are in the market for a way to step up your game and are considering stepping up to Lipo-6 Black, then read on.

Lipo 6 Black

Where did Lipo 6 Black come from?

Lipo-6 Black was designed by Nutrex in response to requests from their more advanced level customers who were looking for an even more powerful fat burner that would also suppress appetite and provide additional energy. It is marketed specifically to those who have hit a weight plateau despite their calorie-curbs and increased exercise regimen. The result was a product that has higher concentrations of many of the ingredients that the original Lipo-6 contained … to the point where the product label contains a ton of warnings against overdoing it and using it cautiously.

The ingredients in the product include synephrine, which comes from bitter orange and has become a popular replacement for the product Ephedra (which was banned in the United States). It also contains high levels of caffeine, a stimulant found in almost every weight-loss product. Some of the feedback that this product has received have indicated that the impact of combining these two ingredients has created a powerful energy surge that works well for some but may be too much for novices. Lipo-6 Black also contains guggulsterones, which are known to have a stimulating effect on the thyroid, the organ that controls the body’s metabolism.

Does Lipo 6 Black live up to the hype?

The problem with the Lipo-6 Black product is that the ingredients that actually contribute to weight loss are not the ingredients that the company increased the proportions of; instead the increased amounts are of ingredients that have generally received the most complaints about side effects. So the difference between the original Lipo-6 is obvious (and negative) when it comes to insomnia and jitteriness, and a bit harder to distinguish when it comes to fat burning or weight loss.

What are people saying?

Many of the comments that have been found across the bodybuilding and weight loss boards seem to point to a loss in the impact on appetite suppression. Some users actually complained that they were hungrier on the product than they had been without, while others said that the appetite suppressant worked but that once they went off the supplement they found themselves hungrier than ever.The universally positive comment has referred to the thermogenic impact that Lipo-6 Black produces; one and all point to an increase in a sense of warmth and in the amount of sweating that they did, particularly when working out, but some also reported experiencing a certain degree of fear while in the midst of a heavy workout due to the noticeable increase in their heart rate.

What else should you know about Lipo 6 Black?

The product does come with a noticeably high number of warnings on the label that go pretty far beyond the typical pregnant or nursing mothers that we’re used to seeing. Users warn against feeling heart palpitations and sweating profusely, as well as of problems with insomnia if they took the pill within six hours of bedtime. Many of the reviews indicated that it is important that people who are particularly sensitive to caffeine should stay away from Lipo-6 Black. Others complained about nausea, stomach aches and headaches after having taken the product. Though many reported losing weight, there were a notably high number of users who indicated that they would not use the product again, either because it didn’t produce enough of a result, or because the side effects were too unpleasant. Overall, people held a much higher impression of the original Lipo 6 product.
Nutrex Lipo6 Black New

Where to buy Lipo 6 Black?

Lipo-6 Black is widely available from a number of online outlets, and can also be purchased at GNC Stores around the country. The price for a bottle of 120 hovers around the $30 mark, and it should be noted that the product is also available in a concentrated form so that you don’t have to take as many pills per dose; it is also available in a formula that has been designed specifically for women.

Overall, the Lipo-6 Black Fat Burner is exactly what it purports to be; a product that does not belong in the hands of those who have never used a fat burner before, and which is specifically designed for those who not only have experience with using this type of product, but who also know exactly how disciplined they need to be in terms of clean eating and exactly how much and what kind of exercising is appropriate to do while using the product. For those who have that level of expertise, the product has received positive feedback and will work well.